January Meeting Recap!

Happy New Year, All!

We just held our first meeting of 2017 where we discussed the following:

  • To help remind us of the awesomeness that was Coll, we start each meeting off by telling a fun story about him.  This month’s story included his love for “B Movies” (Sharknado, anyone?!), and how proud he was of the fact that Triassic Attack was filmed in the backyard of his high school home in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Lesser known fact about this movie – it was the first role for Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones (which he also happened to love).  So Daenerys was running around his backyard, and he never shut up about it.
  • We discussed future fundraising efforts and potential ideas for our upcoming Summer 2017 project.  More info to come soon on the 2017 project!
  • We also discussed dates for this year’s Night at the Park, and we’ll be sure to fill you all in as soon as it has been confirmed.

Thanks for checking in, and feel free to leave us a note on the Contact Us page!