Silver Strand Trash Cleanup

Silver Strand Elementary School 5th Grade students found hundreds of pieces of plastic and other assorted garbage washed up on the shore of Silver Strand Beach after a storm in December last year. 

The CGP Fund recognized this as a learning opportunity for our youth and intervened by requesting the students play a role in ocean stewardship.  The Silver Strand Elementary faculty delightfully agreed and had fun with their students going to work and cleaning up bags and bags of plastic trash before it could wash back into the ocean.  The children showed extra exuberance knowing that they were helping to clear a path for Santa to land his sleigh in a few days from then.  Activities as this play a vital role in protecting marine life and demonstrating ocean stewardship which are the cornerstones of the CGP Fund. By all reports the students were thrilled to be contributing to our oceans’ health in this way, as well as excited to get out of the classroom for a few hours!  To reinforce the students for their hard work the CGP fund awarded each 5th grade class $200 to spend on school supplies.